We are the Warriors, young female Afghan cyclists who had to flee persecution, just because we love sport. In our home country Afghanistan, it is a crime, for girls to cycle. Since the Taliban take over, in August 2021, girls are forbidden to play sport or to continue their education. We can no longer walk alone, without a male chaperone. Even to buy a loaf of bread we must cover our faces, only revealing our eyes. One day our country was civilised the next day – not!

The Taliban have removed all women’s basic rights. Sadly, we had to leave our families behind which was extremely sad for us. We arrived in the United Kingdom in late, October 2022 as refugees, after hiding for one year in fear of our lives.

In November we started to train as professional cyclists. Our coach is James Hey of 'The Cycle Coach.’ We train six days a week and learn English in our spare time, with great support from the charity ' Help Children Now’ who campaigned for our freedom and resettlement in the UK.
We need your help! To help us rebuild and shape our lives as competitive athletes.

In June you kindly donated and supported reach our goal of entering the June 2023 Asian Road Cycling Championships – Women’s Time-Trial - Olympic Qualifier, held in Rayong, Thailand, All proceeds raised will help us reach our ultimate dream of entering the Paris Olympics 2024.

We still need your kind help with donations to help us in our next step to enter the UCI world championships held in Glasgow - in August from 3rd August - 13 th August. We will are so excited to compete with professionals worldwide.

Many generous people have helped us along our way.

A special thank you to Danielle without you we couldn’t have reached Thailand.
A special thank you to Lady Fatemah Trust
A special thank you to The Afghan Sports Trust.
A special thank you to Help Children Now.
A special thank you to Kate Scott.

We wish to thank everyone who has donated so far. Please share our go fund me link its the only way we can continue to support our lives, our Univeristy education and cycling & training. Thank you.

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